Focuses on Civic Activism, Peace Building, Enabling Environment, Volunteerism, Governance, Fostering Social Movements and Mobilization, Social Accountability and Human Rights with a thrust to orient youths for their increased ‘Informed’ Participation and has a strong Civic participation and Advocacy component. The new constitution of Zimbabwe has given prominence to the rights of youth, since 2013 NAYO has worked with diverse partners to strengthen the realization of these rights.

Some key Interventions are:

The Civil Peace Service Program (CPS)

NAYO Africa recognizes that Youth of Zimbabwe has been cultured to perpetuate violence and this cycle has been encouraged because of certain factors: structural violence (being the root social and economic causes of unrest), political violence, and the absence of a culture of dialogue. Therefore NAYO hopes that by primarily and actively engaging Youth in these processes they (Youth) will be compelled by the need for Youth-led interventions in fostering peace in their communities and the country as a whole.

NAYO since 2011 partnered with Germany Development Services (GIZ) in this project, as an implementing partner, NAYO conducted baseline surveys, conducted Peace Mapping exercise, conducted several capacity building to youth members and students, and also did several peace dialogues and campaigns that seek to influence the peace trajectory in Zimbabwe. Some Interventions on peace are highlighted below:

Some Interventions under the CPS Program:

The Jacaranda Youth Festival

The Festival is an annual event linked to the UN International Day of Peace (21 September) under NAYO‘s and has been running since 2011. The Festival is one of NAYO’s public initiatives meant to turn the tide of negative impressions on youth, i.e. violent, irresponsible and social misfits into a positive new beginning showcasing that youth are desirous and able to be positive examples in their communities. NAYO hopes that by primarily and actively engaging Youth in transformative and non-violent processes, the Youth-led interventions will foster peace and a sustainable future in communities and the country as a whole. The festival has an Arts and Cultural Festival, Youth Summit, Community engagement dialogues among other activities.

National Youth Peace Forum (NYPF)

NAYO Coordinate this platform that involves youth organizations working for peace, peace stakeholders, political parties youth wings, church, relevant government departments and international partners. Targeting 2018 Elections in Zimbabwe; the youth have a role to Mobilize for Peace, shun violence, and lobby for observance for human rights and freedoms as enshrined in Zimbabwe Constitution. The program also seeks to feed into other peace platforms for youth at regional and international level.

“I applaud the millions of young people who are protesting for rights and participation, addressing staggering levels of youth unemployment, raising their voices against injustice, and advocating global action for people and the planet”

– The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on the 2015 International Youth Day

The AAAQ Project

The new constitution of Zimbabwe has given prominence to the right to Water, since 2013 NAYO has worked with diverse partners to strengthen the realization of this right. A community meeting in Marondera Rural in session where NAYO is carrying out a validation workshop on the Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability and Quality (AAAQ) Framework Research. The research covered the five rainfall regions in Zimbabwe and was undertaken in partnership with NANGO and DIHR.

(1) Community members in Marondera Rural at the launch of the AAAQ Report, in the village of Chief Nenguwo. (2) NAYO part of a civil society tour of Morton Jefrey Water Works accompanied by His Worship Mayor of Harare, Ben Manyenyeni, Acting Town Clerk and City Engineer among other dignitaries.

Youth and Governance Program (YUG)

The project goal is to enhance the participation of youth in Social Accountability as a measure to hold public officials accountable through Policy Advocacy and Capacitation of Community Based Youth Movements and Groups to respond to their needs at community level; that will strengthen advocacy at national level. The project objective is advocate for youth participation in Social Accountability through policy advocacy, mobilization, engagement, and peaceful lobby initiatives using Human Rights based approaches, at the same time youth participating in national processes.

Youth pose for a photo during the Global Day of Citizen Action (GDCA) 2015 commemoration in Harare