Programm Overview

NAYO Africa believes that by developing the youth’s capacity to respond to issues that affect their day to day lives NAYO will enhance the impact youth make on the ground through their different projects. As an Umbrella Body each member is affiliated to a Cluster or different clusters for increased participation. This allows for a Common Platform of Action, Youth Mobilization, Networking, Knowledge Sharing and Coordinated interventions in the youth sector within the country. The annual project reach of the cluster programs is 215 000 youth.

NAYO organizes its programmes of work in a way that benefits primarily Young people that is Youth Organizations and Youth Advocates (includes volunteers) in the diverse communities across the country through:

Service provision and Information Sharing – this is array of services that seek to improve access, foster inclusion and participation of youth, support capacity development and community resilience;

Policy Advocacy and Lobby – NAYO collect all issues concerning youth from community to national level and engages policy makers among other stakeholders with regard to key youth issues.

Capacity Building – youth sector organizations are leading development initiatives in diverse communities requiring expertise and technical know-how to scale up their interventions, NAYO conduct capacity building to youth in order for them to respond accordingly to issues in their respective communities and be able to contribute effectively to national and regional development. NAYO has a Technical Arm that gives services to youth people among other stakeholders.

Coordination – NAYO supports youth partners in the diverse communities across the country through Coordination using the Cluster Approach. Given the dynamism of youths, NAYO’s programs fall within a Thematic Clusters. Youth Advocates and Partners fall into a cluster.

Programming Clusters

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