Regional Capacity Building on Development Effectiveness

Focuses on ensuring the informed participation of youth in development issues which include Development Effectiveness (DE), 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, Financing for Development, Economic Governance and Entrepreneurship, Development Cooperation and South-South Cooperation. The Cluster has a strong Capacity Building and Policy Advocacy focus.

Some Interventions include;

CSOs for Development Effectiveness

NAYO is coordinating this program globally, regionally and locally with youth participating in above cited development issues; at local level NAYO Coordinate the National Youth Working Group on Development Effectiveness (NYDE). NAYO has been accorded a UN Status for Finance for Development (FfD). Some activities of CSOs for Development Effectiveness include:

Regional Capacity Building on Development Effectiveness

The program is meant to give capacity to regions within the CPDE youth sector; the regions include Africa, Asia, The Pacific, Latina America and Europe- NAYO coordinate the program. In Africa NAYO Africa hosted the Africa Region Development Effectiveness Training of Trainers (ToT) program in Zimbabwe where 20 youth delegates drawn from the continent were trained to allow for national level training and engagements on development issues.

(1) Youth delegate reads the “Harare Youth Declaration on Development Effectiveness” (2) Action planning session during the regional training of trainers

The National Youth-Working-Group on Development Effectiveness (NYDE)

This program provides an open platform for youth to engage with diverse state and non-state actors such as government agencies, development partners and the private sector on development issues. The Working Group is also working on Youth and SDGs in collaboration with Youth Power among other partners.

NYDE meeting in session

Youth Entrepreneurship and Exchange Program

The program seeks to empower youth with entrepreneurial skills, Business Start Ups and to learn from current youth empowerment programs in Zimbabwe and the SADC region to inform the government on a broad, inclusive and sustainable youth entrepreneurship program through engagement and advocacy. The program sees NAYO working with various local youth organizations and networks as it also empower youth with skills and practical business models. One of the successes of the program is when youth were empowered through a project called the Young Farmers Clubs; young farmers were capacitated to take farming as a business.

(1) A Zimbabwean youth delegation visits projects supported by the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) in South Africa (2) A youth entrepreneur dries his Kapenta in Binga during a National tour of projects funded under the Kurera/Ukondla Fund by government.

Grassroots caption

NAYO team train community volunteers on the Human Rights Based Approaches (HRBA) to development – this help community members to know their rights as ‘rights holders’ and means to engage government, the ‘duty bearer’.