NAYO has the following structures that enable the work of NAYO. A key feature in these structures is the notion of youth primacy as youth constitute over 70% of these.

The General Assembly

NAYO is an association of youth organizations operating around the country. These youth organizations are of diverse backgrounds thus their programs and activities are diverse as well. The member organizations of NAYO constitute the most critical part of the organization as they are the part that makes NAYO. Representatives from NAYO member organizations constitute the highest decision-making and policy formulation body of NAYO called The General Assembly (GA).

The Board

This board is constituted by selected individuals who are of high social repute and have achieved certain merits in their areas of specialization. The Board is the second in command after the GA and is responsible for the supervision of the Secretariat.

The Secretariat

This office is responsible for the day to day running of NAYO and its programs. Members of the Secretariat are employed by NAYO on a fulltime professional basis. The Secretariat reports directly to the Board.


NAYO works with member organizations and youth advocates. Currently NAYO has a membership of 183 Youth Organizations and 1000 Youth Advocates working at provincial, district and ward levels in Zimbabwe. Membership of youth organizations falls into two main categories which include:

  • Full Membership, and
  • Affiliation

Members influence the strategic and policy direction of the organization.


Development Effectiveness Cluster
Civil Participation Cluster
Social Custer
Mainstreaming Cluster