Focuses on cross-cutting themes that are mainstreamed in NAYO programs and these include: HIV and AIDS, Climate Change, Gender and Peace-Building. NAYO believes that by developing the youth’s capacity to respond to issues that affect their day to day lives NAYO will be enhancing the impact youth are likely to make on the ground through their different projects.

As an Umbrella Body each member is affiliated to a Cluster or different clusters for increased participation; NAYO‘s role is for Coordination, Capacity Building, Policy Advocacy and Lobby and Information Sharing.

The cross-cutting themes that are mainstreamed in all NAYO programs and these include:

HIV and AIDS – NAYO believes in an HIV and AIDS free generation, to this end access to Health, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, access to information and youth-friendly services are critical.

The mainstreaming desk exhibiting at the NGO Expo.

Climate Change – It is important for youth to raise their voices on climate change and hold governments accountable – to support SDGs, we are disseminating information and linking youth to several networks and participating in regional and international programs on climate finance.

“We need you to step up to meet the climate change challenge by activating your network, extending your reach and raising awareness of the great risks we face but also of the great opportunity we have in addressing these risks. We need young people to be actively engaged in the transition to low-carbon, highly resilient lifestyles”

– UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Christiana Figueres clarion call to youth on climate change.

Gender – NAYO Africa has a gender desk and mainstream Gender in all its programs. NAYO encourages young women and young women‘s organizations to take lead in various platforms. NAYO has been running ONE VOICE OUR VOICE Program in partnership with the World Bank to ensure the participation on mainly young women in national process. NAYO also helps member organizations to develop and implement Gender Policy