Social Cluster

The Social Cluster focuses on Child Development and Participation, Education and Strengthening Social Protection systems for children working with partners in the Child Sector.

Some key interventions include:

Child Participation

The principle of children’s right to participation is enshrined in the UNCRC. This right acknowledges that children are social actors in their own right and are entitled to be involved in decision-making in all matters that affect their lives, while taking into consideration their evolving capacity and best interests. Children’s rights are commonly viewed as falling into three categories: provision rights, protection rights and participation rights. NAYO in collaboration with junior councils works toward full participation of children in issues affecting them. In this project NAYO carries Researches to influence Child Budgeting annually through a project called Child Friendly Budgeting Initiative (CFBI). NAYO conducted Research in   5 provinces of the country in partnership with Harare City Junior Council and the Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children. The report was launched in October 2014 and presented to Parliament, line ministries and child sector CSO’s. In 2015 the partnership focuses on focuses on a Child Friendly Budgeting Initiative (CFBI) and governance project in Harare and Bulawayo Metropolitan Provinces. This research informed NAYO Program on Child Budgeting and Participation.

(1) Below Honorable Harare City Junior Mayor bemoans the lack of budgetary support to junior Council at the Harare City Budget Breakfast Meeting. (2) Harare City Junior Councilor presents the findings of the 2015 National Budget Consultations - The Children’s Submissions at the Town House with delegates from CSOs; government; media and child sector

Child Friendly Cities and Towns Pilot

NAYO is strengthening the Civic Participation of children in local governance and community processes by building the capacities of junior councils and local authorities.


NAYO seeks to strengthen the Civic Participation of children in local governance and community processes by building the capacities of junior councils, member organizations that works with children and local authorities to work in collaboration through the Child Friendly Cities and Towns Pilot project which is running in five districts.